West Wagga Wagga Catholic Parish

The Way the Truth and the Life John 14:6

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Today is Wednesday the
21st of August 2019 The time is 12:32pm



Sacrament of Penance -
Confession Times
Saturdays - 11.00 am to noon
Prior to weekend Masses or by request

Baptisms and Marriages

By appointment Baptisms - few weeks prior.

Marriages - a minimum of 9 months prior to Marriage.

Sacraments to Home-Bound
Please notify the priests when a member of your family or a parishioner is in hospital or in need of the Sacraments, especially the Anointing of the Sick in hospital or at the home. Holy Communion is distributed in the homes usually on Thursday morning, please telephone the parish to arrange for this home blessing.

Children's Parish Based Sacramental Program

1st Reconciliation Program 2016
The Parish based Sacramental Program for first Penance will be in the third term of this school year. Eligible children are those in year 2 at Holy Trinity Primary School or those children from the age of 6 and upwards who attend a public or other school or who are home schooled. A Parent's information meeting will be on Tuesday evening July 22 at 7pm in the parish’s Trinity Centre. The Parish based Sacramental Program aims at helping parents education their child in the Sacrament of Penance. Work books are provided from the parish and these help parents instruct their children in conjunction with an evening meeting. The parents are assisted in leading their children through the program in preparation for the Sacrament of Penance. Times for allocated for the children’s reception of the Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation) on Saturday morning August 20 from 10am after the Parish Sacramental Program for Penance has been completed. Please watch this space during the school year for additional information or call 6931 3601.

1st Holy Communion Program 2015
The program for First Eucharist is a Parish based Sacramental Program. It will be held in the second term of 2015. Children in school years 3 & 4, at home or public schooling are eligible for First Eucharist. Provided they have already made their 1st Penance (Reconciliation). There is a parent-child program held over four weeks at home. This program is provided and gives the parent the opportunity to have input into their child's sacramental preparation. In the final week there is a child/parent gathering where the Mass is explained in slow motion. Attending this evening is necessary if the child is to receive 1st Holy Communion.The program commences in the second school term and begins with a parent information night. The West Wagga Parish First Holy Communion Mass is usually held at St Michael's Cathedral. For additional information please call the parish on 6931 3601.

Confirmation Program 2016
The Parish based Confirmation Program is for children in primary Years Five and Six or above. The Confirmation Program begins in the second term of every second school year. The ceremony is held at St Michael's Cathedral. This next opportunity is 2016. To receive the Sacrament of Confirmation the child has to have previously received the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. The Parish based Confirmation Program begins with an introductory night for parents on a Tuesday eveningin May 2016 at 7pm in Trinity Centre. The follow up parent/student nights for the course work are held on four Tuesday evenings at 7pm in Trinity Centre. Enquiries can be made at the Parish on 6931 3601 or Holy Trinity Primary School 6931 3704.