QR Code Choices

Would you like to give your congregation the opportunity to record attendance using their phones?

We can set you up with your own unique QR code and web page where parishioners can enter their attendance details for COVID-19 purposes, and their information will be emailed straight to you.

$25 per parish (parishes in the Wagga Wagga Diocese – no charge)

Example Attendance Page

Try this QR code on your phone, or click here. You’ll be taken to an example parish attendance web page for you to test out.

Unlike the real parish attendance pages which will always send information only to the email address each parish chooses, this test page has an extra email address field – this will enable you to see what the parish attendance information will look like when it gets mailed to parishes.

In order to help us set up your QR code and Attendance web page, there are a few bits of information for you to provide in the form below.

You may also like to tell us whether you would like people to be able to say a) whether they are on their own or with others, or b) how many there are including themselves.

We can include an image or logo in the centre of the QR code. You may also like to have an image of your church/parish at the top of your Attendance web page. If you would like these options, please indicate in the form below, and send the images you would like us to use to westwaggaparish@hotmail.com

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