Holy Trinity Church

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Holy Trinity Church
5 Bardia Street
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Ph  (02) 6931 3601
Fax (02) 6971 2880
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Holy Trinity Catholic Church was established in 1967.
Renovated a number of times over those 40 years, today it is a joyful place of peace and the worship of Almighty God. Set beautifully in well-kept gardens, the interior is devotional and immediately radiates a sense of prayer once you enter the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Eucharistic Adoration is a daily feature of our church.

Holy Trinity School

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Holy Trinity Primary School
Co Principals – Nicole Van Ingen and Johanna Kane

Bardia Street
Ashmont NSW 2650
Ph (02) 6931 3704
Fax (02) 6931 4239
Email: Contact Form
Web Page: web.htww.catholic.edu.au

Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School was established in 1970. It caters to children from kinder through to year six. Currently, the teaching and ancillary staff educate approximately 289 children. For more information, you are invited to click on the school’s own website above.

Trinity Close ~ Independent Retirement Living

West Wagga Catholic Parish caters for all ages. Incorporated into the Church Grounds and very near to Trinity Centre is Trinity Close. This is a complex of eight independent living units for retirees. The units consist of two or three bedrooms and have quality finishes throughout and internal access to the garage. Situated in a beautifully landscaped gated community setting, residents enjoy the closeness to Holy Trinity Church and Parish Center. Each unit has a separate backyard with patio. The grounds are spacious and regularly maintained. Persons interested in a unit can call Richard Fitzpatrick on 6921 1555.

Trinity Centre ~Meeting rooms, halls and all modern facilities

These venues are available to parishioners, the school community, residents of Trinity Close and the public. The facilities of Trinity Centre are up to date and very functional. With a variety of meeting rooms, halls and open spaces there is something for every occasion. Facilities can be hired for meetings, groups, family celebrations, promotional, and other special gathering occasions.

Enquiries can be made at the parish office at 5 Bardia Street or by phone on 02 6931 3601.